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Herts Party Hire

Herts Party Hire - Terms & Conditions.

'We', 'us' or 'our' refers to Herts Party Hire.

'You' refers to the hirer.

'Soft Play' refers to every piece of equipment on hire, including mats, tables and chairs.

All equipment is for hire only. Day hire time is from 10am until 8pm, shorter hire periods will still incur the same charge.

Safety and injury prevention:

You are responsible for ensuring there is adequate adult supervision (age 18+) at all times when the soft play is in use. Children must not be left to play unsupervised.

Soft play equipment is for children up to age 5 only. This is for safety and insurance reasons. Older children and adults must not use the equipment as this may result in injury or damage to equipment.

Ensure that the soft play is not overcrowded.

Acrobatics and play fighting are dangerous and are not permitted on the equipment.

Never allow children to use equipment in high winds or near a body of water.

Soft play equipment must be used on the mats provided.

Soft Play rides ons and hoppers are not suitable for babies under 12months. Motorbike ride ons are suitable for children aged 3-5 only. Ride ons should not be used on uneven surfaces or near steps. There must be one on one adult supervision (age 18+) when ride ons are in use.

The roller coaster is suitable for children aged 2-5. There must be one on one adult supervision when children are using the roller coaster. The roller coaster must be used as intended, facing forwards, with wheels on the track and no added incline. Ride ons/other toys must not be used on the roller coaster track as this may result in injury.

Please ensure that children do not sit on the horse of the Princess Carriage, this may result in injury from the carriage toppling over.

It is the hirers responsibility to ensure that children are only using equipment within their individual capability.

Responsibility of the hirer to avoid equipment damage:

No furniture, shoes or other non hire items are to be placed on the soft play mats.

Do not allow children to bite or chew on any soft play equipment.

Children and supervising adults must remove their shoes before using the soft play. Food, drink, pets, or any sharp objects must not be allowed near the equipment.

No smoking, fireworks, BBQs, chewing gum or glass anywhere near the soft play.

No face paint or silly string as these can cause permanent staining to the soft play.

You are responsible for keeping our soft play and all accessories on hire to you safe.

You are responsible for the safe return of all equipment and will be charged for any damaged or missing items. Please ensure that you check your area for any equipment as uncollected equipment will need to be returned or paid for by the hirer.

Before your booking:

Please allow 30-45 minutes upon delivery and collection for equipment to be set up and taken down, we may require additional time if there is insufficient parking.

You are responsible for ensuring that there is enough room for the soft play to be sited. If on delivery we deem the site to be unsuitable, we will still require full payment.

Unsuitable ground includes steep slopes, uneven/rocky ground, dog mess, insufficient room. If unsure please ask at the time of booking.

We require a clear passage for delivery and collection. We cannot be held liable for any damage caused whilst transporting equipment through a property.

Please inform us at the time of booking if you have any steps leading to your property as we may require an extra member of staff to assist.

We only accept cash payment. This is required upon delivery. Please have the correct money available as our drivers will not always have change available.

On collection of equipment:

Please ensure that all children have vacated the equipment on our return as we cannot start to pack away while any equipment is still in use.

Please ensure that all ball pool balls are packed away into the bags provided.

On collection any excessively dirty soft play equipment will demand a cleaning charge of £10.

If any items are left behind it is the hirers responsibility to return or pay for the missing items.


We pride ourselves in providing safe, clean soft play equipment every time. Our soft play equipment is regularly cleaned and inspected.

We require proof of identity and address before leaving any equipment at the delivery address.

All soft play packages may have different colour items or items substituted from what is shown in the pictures. Any substitutes will be similar items with the same intended use.

We reserve the right to cancel a booking due to adverse weather or unforseen circumstances.

You may cancel a booking without charge up until 48 hours before your booking. If we are cancelled after this time we will still require full payment. If you decide to cancel your booking, please give us as much notice as possible so that we can offer the equipment to another child.

All soft play equipment must be stored indoors overnight.

Upon delivery you will be required to sign a contract confirming you have read and understood these terms and conditions.

Soft play equipment is fun and exciting for children but safety is paramount so please follow our guidelines.